RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Rich, this is kinda amazing. I would love to hear more about your haunted Link’s Awakening. Please tell me that the music is all kinds of messed up and glitchy too!


@Rich, can you rip the ROM and see if whatever is extracted has the same issues? That would be nutty if so. I’d like to poke around in it. Could be fun.


Will do as soon as I find my Transfer Pak! No idea where it’s gone.

Pretty sure it’s the sram chip though. Each save file is deleted when you reboot the game, and each save file has different glitches. Save 1 always has you start with no one in the house and with feathers. Save 3 always has the ghost and tarin asleep in bed (he gives you the shield still).

I may try salvaging this game if I get a refund, I’m sure I’ve got a donor cart lying around somewhere.


“Awful type setting. Pictures divided into two pages cannot even see together in landscape mode. The history is confusing caused by the way it lists. The comiXology version is much better. I prefer the whole books are all pictures like “The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts” rather than awful and confusing type setting.”


It’s time for another Gaming Pick-ups video and also to see what you guys have been buying. Oh, and a little look in Hard Off again.


Yay I got a refund on Zelda, and I get to keep the haunted cart too haha.

My other big pickup this month is on its way…my red pocket now has a backlit/Biverted screen and it looks incredible from the two photos I’ve been sent!!

He’s adding a power regulator to the console to supply power separately to the screen without affecting the main board. Will result in everdrive compatibility and more consistent power draw/longer battery life.


Looking good. How much it set you back? So I know how much I’ll be spending next…


Shamless double post.

Not normally a picture taker/poster but since it was because of you chums I got this I figure I owe it to ya. Thanks again @Rich.

Looks like it is right back where it belongs.

Only thing I can say I’m a little dissapointed with is the lack of the stickers on the back. And that the bonus game he sent was “World Cup 98”. >:C


I love this line.



I got my pocket back today!!


That looks so good. I need to get a back lit GB. Just can’t decide if it should be Pocket or DMG.


If you get a GB Pocket and want everdrive compatibility you gotta have additional modding done like @Rich did.

@Rich that looks great! How much did was the total cost of the mod if you don’t mind my asking? Looks CLEAN.


Well, they both have their pros and cons. I have to say, I prefer the screen on the DMG in most cases - it may have more of a yellow tinge and a bit more blur, but it’s far brighter than a backlit Pocket and also does not suffer from the vertical line issue that pockets do (where if a line is drawn in-game, it “ghosts” up and down the height of the screen).

The main positive over the DMG that a backlit Pocket has is near eliminated motion blur and the black and white display and…it fits in your pocket. A backlit/Biverted DMG wins out on screen brightness, speaker volume, battery life and compatibility with flashcarts without hassle. Also, especially if you have bigger hands, the DMG is damn comfy to hold

And a comparison:


@new002 the mod was £55


Thanks Rich. I would probably opt for a DMG. Something about the iconic old school form factor and newer screen tech is kinda neat.


I have a Panasonic Plasma as well, and the reasoning for the grey bars during native 4:3 content is so that the 4:3 area doesn’t “burn out” before the side areas. (Basically so the entire panel is being illuminated uniformly.) Basically it so that everything “ages” the same amount, and the side portions of the screen (outside of the 4:3 area) don’t appear disproportionately brighter than the middle over time.

If you stretch your content to fill the entire screen, this isn’t really an issue. (But it also makes you a monster.)

I used to set mine to the darkest shade of grey before I got my PVM.


Pick ups eBay/Toomanygames

First the non SNES stuff.

The Atari 2600 games and controller are for my grandfather. He’s had an Atari for as long as I can remember so I picked up a couple games for him he doesn’t have.

Shining Force 2 is complete and (I think) completes my (SRPG) Shining Force collection.

Limited Run had a both at Toomanygames so I was able to get Nex Machina, Furi, and Double Dragon IV without having to pay eBay prices.

The 2 Turbo CD games I got for around eBay prices (so not great for an in person cash purchase), but I really like Sherlock Holmes (I listen to a bunch of the old radio shows) and Buster Bros/Pang. Both of them are in real good condition.

Now the SNES stuff boxed or in a custom case.

Axelay I got from Kurt Kalata of Hardcoregameing101. He always sells stuff from his personal collection at TMG for a fair price and the books HG101 put out are awesome too (I also like him when he is on Back in my Play podcast). Axelay is missing the manual which is fine as I am not a CIB SNES collector but the game and box were a few bucks more expensive than eBay prices for cart only.

One vendor had Space Megaforce box and manual and pocky and rocky box only that I bought to go along with my cart only copies of those games. I picked up space megaforce a couple weeks ago and I got pocky and rocky off of eBay recently.

Pocky and Rocky 2 I got off of eBay along with SOS and all the cases.

Mega Man X3 I got at TMG for a good price.

I got all these SNES carts from TMG except for Firestriker and all of them well below the eBay prices according to pricecharting.com. Some of the highlights are Metal Warriors for $180, Super Copa for $120, and Nosferatu, DragonView and Skyblazer for $60 each.

Overall I was very happy with this years haul at TMG. These were some of the best deals I’ve gotten since I’ve been going.


People talking about getting actual deals at Too Many Games is one of the things that really makes me want to go. I haven’t seen an actual good deal at a con for like a decade. Like I’m lucky if I can convince a vendor to give me even ebay prices.


I may have been lucky but every price I offered the vendors they took except super copa I offered $115 when they had it for $128. I still got it for 30 less than eBay though.


Not sure if this is the right thread to post this but I recently picked one of these up sans-battery at a local Goodwill for $4.


Is it worth replacing the battery ($15-20) to use with my retro setup? I’ve been told new PC power supplies don’t like these approximate sine wave backups, but I figure it may help my CRTs and consoles.


TMG is literally just down the road from me (I live in Reading) but I just couldn’t justify the fee to get in to then spend more money at the vendor tables. I was at the very first TMG at the Inn at Reading many years ago now. My buddy had his Armor Attack arcade machine there as well as a LAN setup.

I doubt I’d play in the tournaments and I just don’t know what else I’d do there? Maybe I’m being a negative nelly about this. I dunno… I guess I should’ve just gotten off my ass and drove down there. *sigh*