RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


I cancelled my pre order of the NES mini first time round after having second thoughts. Not this time.


Just ordered one of those from a U.S. eBay seller for $35. I could have sworn they were more expensive and harder to come by than this. Hope it’s not a fake - pics looks real enough. I actually do not own any PS1 controllers as I only have a PS2, so it will be nice to have this one.


Are you happy with Japanese ports on XBOX One X? Or do you have a S? I was bothered with Monster Hunter World that they do a 4x upscale for 4K from 900p instead of 1080p. So the game ended up looking softer on XBOX than it did on PS4 Pro despite being way more powerful.


I have the XB1X. previously had owned original XB1 and traded it in for XB1S then when the XB1X was released traded the 1S and just gamed on Switch for a while. I bought 1X just for playing MonHun World and got a brand new unit much much cheaper than the normal RRP thanks to ToysRus closing down.
I can’t really compare to PS4 pro version since the XB1 ver is the only one I played and so far I haven’t been disappointed. The only complaint about the XB1 ver. of monhun World is the HDR implementation seems broken as I’ve been testing it around friends 4k HDR TV’s. I basically play on plasma 1080p until I’ll move out into a new home and then I’ll upgrade to 4k HDR. The MonHun community is much smaller on XB1 despite me putting over 500+ hours into the game since end of Jan. So far I’m happy with Japanese games on XB1 despite being few and far between although the more recent games have been digital only especially Ys Origins and Nier Automata.

Also games like FFXV royal edition on the XB1X there was over a 60gb update I had to download and sad that puyo puyo Tetris for XB1 remains jpn only…


some of my Monhun world snippets. When you are playing this game you will not be spending too much time looking at the image quality of the sky and foliage especially when you are on the hunt and your team mates are depending on you to do DPS or support and to try and kill the monster as quick as possible. I can however verify that the performance on XB1X has not let me down.


Been picking up way to much Saturn stuff recently. More on the way:

Also just picked up an OSSC to go with my white Saturn 2 and MD:


Great haul!


I’m hoping my copy of Shining Resonance for the Xbox One X shows up soon. Had to order an import copy for the English Text.


Shining Res Refrain feels more like a Namco Tales of… game. There’s very very small bits here and there that hark back to the 16/32-bit games.


I have never seen worse implementation of HDR than I have in MHW. Its just terrible. The thing that chaps me, is unlike the PS4 version, you can’t turn it off in any in game menu. You have to turn HDR off on the XBOX system level. I agree, that you aren’t noticing the graphics but the the fact that 1800p instead of 2160p makes it look blurry when the PS4 Pro version can’t run at the same frame rate but has a nice clear picture. I prefer the game to be capped at 30 if it can’t run @ a locked 60.


Radiant Silvergun <3


This is the third time I’ve bought radiant silver gun. I love the game so much, but I always sold it to pay for school or whatever. This time, I’ll starve before I give it up.


There’s always the Xbox 360 live version of Radiant Silvergun too which is BC on XB1. Some of the stuff like dog collecting is missing on there.


I don’t know if it is still available to buy on XBL tho… >.>’


I’ve done that wit several games lol. I’ve owned and sold FIVE copies of Street Fighter Zero 3 on Saturn. I always buy it cheap, but It just keeps going up in price and I can’t resist the cash!

Byt keeping my current copy I grabbed from a store in japan.


Got my Famicom AV modded with the NES RGB and IGR board. That counts as a pick-up right?


Fans self



Didn’t even know this was a thing and had to look it up. Wish I had that on my AV Famicom. It has no pallet select at all since the person I bought it from didn’t want the system cut for the switch iirc.


I added a palette switch inside the cart slot of my AV Fami.

Barely used, as after a while I eventually just used ‘improved’ for everything lol.


Same. I haven’t flicked the switch on my twin fami since a day or two after I finished the mod.


Gotta admit other then for testing I’ve done the same with my modded NES. I do like the option though. Has any tried any of the other pallets out there? I see mention of a bunch of others that people add as well but haven’t looked into them yet.


I’m curious about this too. I saw something where someone even added a serial port to their NES so they could flash the board with different pallets.