RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


That’s a beaut, @SupaNintendoChalmers. AV Famicom is such a great looking system in terms of the aesthetic.

Going to have to agree with a few other people here: I have a palette switch on the back of mine, and can’t remember the last time I messed with it.


I play my Famicom AV and OG NES in composite. I have RGB board, but no longer have the desire to actually have it installed. I just enjoy the composite lossy look too much and feel nostalgic towards it.

It’s irrational, I know, considering everything else I have is lossless. But NES just has that special place in my heart and I’d feel weird modding it at this point in my life. Part of it is due to the fact that it was my first system and kind of represents the simplest time of my life. But another is that the RGB values never feel quite the same as the YUV values.

NES composite colors are like the Wild West. They seem to change based on the CRT settings and there’s no correct look. So I like keeping it like that. It’s that “imprecise but who cares” looking console in my setup that reminds me to actually play the games rather than just tinker with them.

Someday, that may change and I may install it on a spare unit.


Wish I had the same nostalgic sensation towards composite on the N64 but after witnessing SVideo and RGB I couldn’t believe how much better it was.


I just picked up an nes top loader as well! Mine is the NA model, which unfortunately means RF. I have the retrofix AV mod kit on the way, but I’m super new to soldering so I’m wary of doing it myself. Luckily my buddy knows how to so I might have to bribe him with a 6 pack to help:p
Gotta say, I LOVE the dogbone controller!


I also have an RGB AV Fami with palate switch and rarely use it. I keep mine on the OG values.

And I also have an NES as my only composite console. This is mostly just because I play NES games in RGB with a conveter on the AV Fami, though. But it is kinda nice to have that original experience as an option.


The soldering is the easy part of the mod. Desoldering the ppu is the hard part if you don’t have a proper desoldering tool


I think this is all the stuff I’ve added in the last month. Those eBay discounts are awesome, but costly too! That said, I picked up the US games locally. X-Kaliber 2097 isn’t nearly as cool a name as SWORD MANIAC, but I can deal for $20. :slight_smile:

Area 88 aka U.N. Squadron seems better as an import. I’m doing really well buying from Japan these days, again, especially because of those eBay percent off discounts.


I tried to be OK with composite for my AV Fami but the dot crawl just became unacceptable while playing Dragon Quest 4. I couldn’t do it anymore, all the trees in the game looked like they were shaking when I walked around the overworld.

I’m sure it’s a lot more tolerable on a CRT especially one with a good comb filter but on a modern setup it’s just not something I can do.


Yes, you need a crt for composite. Dot crawl will still be there but it’s a bit more tolerable.


Been looking for a decent deal on this for probably 7-8 years, then bam! It even survived the global shipping programme, lol.


It’s much, much more common in the US yep.


Got these at a garage sale today.

Also got 6 empty GCN cases because it’s always nice to have spares for cheap.


Strange, over years the listings were overwhelmingly from the UK. But it just so happened that this cheap one was from the US.


Super Monkey Ball is one of my favorite games of all time. This isn’t even nostalgia talking. I think I only played it for the first time 2-3 years ago. It’s incredible honestly.

It’s on par with Sega’s greatest games.


I have the second game but never had the first so I grabbed it. The guy right before me got a mini DK arcade and while he was busy with that I went through her other stuff. The lady had so much great stuff but she wasn’t dumb about the prices and I don’t blame her.


Agreed on that. OG Super Monkey Ball was a revelation when it arrived. The Gamecube controller with its octagonal mold around the analog stick is vital to playing it well too IMO. It really is a brilliant piece of Sega’s history that showed the genius of Nagoshi before he made Yakuza.



Got a great deal on some fight sticks that I could not refuse.

I decided once bc came to Xbox One that I would never get another original Xbox. One of my favorites was Outrun but thankfully the PS2 version is 480p too! I’m enjoying this way too much.

Edit: also picked up UMvC3 on PS4 (digital)


Always like padding out my ridiculous Wii backlog…


I’ve heard these games are decent (/sarcasm). I haven’t played any of them so looking forward to it!

Also picked up a Dreamcast (not pictured), grabbed these games so far. I need more time to actually play games, smh.