RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Special in that it’s just very different from The Show. The batting has real bat/ball physics. Practicing in HR derby I kept grounding out, lower the bat and get under the ball a bit and bam dingers, lol. The ambient crowd sounds/cheers are also different, almost has a soccer/football feel to it that more reflects Japanese baseball.

I’m still working on the pitching aspect and haven’t even touched pennant or tutorial mode yet. It’s a baseball game so it what it is, but so far I have had fun with it. A nice change of pace from The Show (which I also like).

Language barrier isn’t too bad thanks to Spirits Translation. (lol, just saw their website has ‘what makes this game so special section.’ I must have unconsciously used their term.)

[edit] fyi, the series also goes by Professional Yakyuu Spirits, yakyuu being baseball in Japanese.


Awesome, I’ll be sure to give my 2012 copy a try then.


Couldn’t find my childhood copy of Age of Empires so I picked up a cheap copy which also came with AoE3.


I also sometimes use the Google Translate app on my phone (with camera) to translate some stuff on the screen if I have a question. It’s not perfect, it translated Shohei Ohtani’s name to something silly but it’s another tool to use if you need it.


Holy… great idea!


Ha, play around with it before you get too excited. It works for simple things but don’t expect to play an rpg or something.


Been waiting a while for these to show up.
They took Guncon support out of the US release of resident evil survivor


Picked up a SNES Jr. :smiley:




Super stoked for all four, but I almost bought Hagane many years ago when it was new while I worked at Electronics Boutique. I’m still kicking myself! At least I could rectify that with a Super Famicom cart.


Oh man that Hagane is nice.

must resist temptation to go to ebay


I’ve been playing TenshI no uta 2 with it alongside an English walk through and it’s worked just fine. It’s very machiny, but it let’s me understand all the major story beats. Granted it’s a very old and simple rpg.


It’s at least affordable in Super Famicom cart only. I paid around $60 for it pre-discount. King of Dragons was $45. Both are usually a lot more in US cart as you probably know.


Only thing I’ve noticed is there are tons of fake carts so it’s hard to know what’s real.


The US versions seem to include a lot more “new” carts listed that are repros. I’ve seen a lot less JPN fakes because the prices are lower in general.

I do plan to open these and have a look.


Picked up a game today that I thought I would never get ahold of CIB due to the high prices. I found it locally for $80 CAD ($61 USD), and it’s in near perfect condition.


Ooh nice pickup! I need to look for this one myself.


Don’t you love it when something just appears like that? It’s why I keep going to the retro game stores near me. Treasures appear often.


Some PC engine games. I got all these at about half what they normally cost. Dodgeball was so cheap I couldn’t let it go, no idea if it’s any good to be honest, but on the whole the Nekketsu line is pretty decent I think.

Mostly excited for Rayxanber III which was really quite cheap all things considered.


Those are great PC Engine titles!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this thread. Here are the highlights from my pickups:

It’s hard to make out the Sega Saturn on the left so here’s a better look: