RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!


Pretty great for $1 each. Nice haul!


Great pickup! Batman on GB is a total unsung hero. It’s also developed by Sunsoft, but is a completely different game from the NES one.


Okay I’ve played it now, it’s actually fine, about what I’d expect from a DS port with no glaring problems yet. What is supposed to be so bad about it?


Just the graphics and animations :man_shrugging:t2:


Maybe I’m just enamoured with the DSi XL screen but I’m loving the pixel art. The animation has fewer frames though yeh and I can tell already there will be some slowdown when things get hectic in the later levels, but overall I’m actually enjoying playing through it again.


Its been a while since I posted a pick up. This is what I got in the past month.

Pokemon 3DS was cib with dual IPS screens. Amazing deal from eBay.


That joystick looks like a hacked Japanese Xbox 360 Hori stick but with more face buttons.


Went to my friend’s arcade and retro game store.

If you are interested in seeing the arcade
Check my Twitter link.


Nothing new here, but I missed my bedroom setup after moving everything into the living room early this year. My PVM 14L2 had been sitting unused so I made a new little bedroom setup with a couple spare consoles and a scart switch.


Wow, the dual IPS regular New 3DS is extremely rare. I think those screen panels only made it into that special run for North America, I haven’t seen or heard of any others with dual IPS panels, and all the listed European and Japanese ones I’ve seen are dual TN.

Would love to see photos, especially it running DS games vs a DSi XL (if it isn’t too much to ask).


I will post some pictures. Which games would you like to see? I have a pretty large DS collection so I might have whatever you are familiar with so compare.

N3DS IPS Bottom

^ It doesn’t look that good in the picture but it looks a lot better in person. This phone doesn’t really do well with scan line screen shots or handhelds either.

Believe or not, the right N3DS XL has a top IPS. I just caught some glare from the other room. It doesn’t nearly looked that washed out normally.



The N3DS makes DS games a little more blurry but if you hold start or select you get a pixel perfect mode and it looks a lot closer to a DS.

N3DSXL Pixel mode active


My super Mario 3dLand New 3ds is dual IPS as well


Thanks for the photos. The colour gamut on the New 3DS seems richer than the XL which is good, but it’s still not as good as the DSi XL? Does it look like that in person to you?

If I had to vote on a game I guess Chrono Trigger might be one. I remember that looking more accurate on my DSi XL than on my New 3DS XL (which has one IPS and one TN)

I’m jealous. A cheap Pokemon bundle model I bought three years ago turned out to be dual TN so I returned it, and the Japanese New 3DS I upgraded to was dual TN.


Very late here but the most impressive films on my 4K OLED have been The Revenant, Planet Earth II and…Mad Max Fury Road 3D, with Mad Max maybe being the top experience of the 3. My previous set was also 3D and I had seen Mad Max on a 3D projector as well, but on the OLED it was something else entirely.

But really virtually everything I’ve watched has been great. Just generally a universal upgrade in viewing experience.


Good to know regarding Mad Max! I’ve seen it quite a few times in standard HD so have held off on watching it again. Definitely will watch again soon!

I saw Halloween on 4K BR and it was excellent just for the sheer quality and clarity of all the dark scenes.


Picked this bad boy up today from a GovDeals auction I won last week,a brand spanking new 20L5! Well,I dont know if its new but the inside had ZERO dust in it and the picture is PERFECT! I basically took a $450 gamble because I found out about it less than a day before it ended and couldnt drive to test it. The seller (a zoo) didnt have anythiing to hook up to it to check but said it powered on, I had some extra overtime money so though,what the hell and placed a bid and won it.

I dont have any extra BNC’s so I can’t hook up the Wii to check out 720 and 1080i stuff but god damn 240p looks so nice! I regret selling my other two over the last few years so I’m happy to finally have a replacement!


I actually haven’t seen the Mad Max 4k release. 3D UHD isn’t a thing :frowning: so all 3D is regular BluRay.


Looks beautiful!


Yeah,super happy that it actually worked. Thought I’d have to change some caps or adjust the yolk,but nope,it works flawlessly (so far). Thw Wii is really the only system I play 480p+ on so I dont really need the extra resolutions,but its nice to have and after selling all my BVMs I needed an 800 line monitor to A B with all my 600 lines ( i prefer the softer 600 line look).

Found some BNC cables


Congrats. 20L5 is a fantastic CRT. It’s my main set for retro these days.