RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag!





I do not own any other pins and do not want to but will buy any and all Tomba products.

I mean fuck I will never even put it on anything, why am I now looking to buy that?


Because Tomba


Got back my original Game Gear from when I was a kid. Unfortunately it starts with a black screen and no sound. I think it might need new capacitors. Been sitting in storage for like 20 years.


Yup, that’s the case with pretty much every game gear made. The good news is you can order a cap kit for about $8.


I think I found your problem. Looks like you forgot to put all 25 batteries in there.


My GG is in the same condition. :frowning: Isn’t it notoriously difficult to recap?


I haven’t done it, but no, it’s quite easy if you have a little skill with a soldering iron. You’ll need flux, wick, and some new solder.

Here’s a nice video of it… Do not snap them off with pliers as so many videos say to do. You’ll probably ruin a couple pads on the board, then you’ll have yourself a real mess to try and fix.


After looking at a bunch of videos on recapping it, I came across installing the McWill screen mod that makes it much brighter. while kind of expensive, it looks WAY better. Descisions descisions!


Beware the uneven upscaling though


Indeed, that would drive me insane.

The last GG I had took a while to warm up but then it was “ok”. Really needed a re-cap though.


Stopped by my local Mega Replay today and had to grab Fire Emblem at that price. Also grabbed X-Men as I’ve been on a Genesis kick lately.


A McWill mod would still need the caps replaced.

I redid my GG about a year ago. The first couple of caps were stressful, but then you really start to get the hang of it. Definitely agree that you’ll want to use a soldering iron + solder wick to remove the old caps though. And plenty of Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the pads of corrosion from the old caps, since more than 50% of them will have leaked.


That’s a great mod, but you’d still have to recap it.


I never had a genesis back in the day, but I distinctly remember seeing that X-men cover on the shelf at blockbuster all the time and being so jealous I couldn’t play it.

They eventually released Mutant Apocalypse and I felt better though.


Finally got copies of Contra Force and Famicom Die Hard for cheap

Seems Die Hard as exploded in price over the years. Still got my ex-rental NES copy!


The vertical scanlines filter helps with the uneven scaling. I think they’re great too and add a lot to the visuals when using the McWill GG.


I really want to do this mod but honestly the scaling stops me.


Have you done just the backlight replacement? That’s supposed to at least double GG battery life in addition to improving the poor lighting.