The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


Possibly the very first arcade game to ever have a celebrity endorsement. this is Teddy Boy Blues.


Chinese Knock Offs - RS-07 Retro Arcade - Full unboxing and truthful review - 4K


What happens when Sega obtains a license but have no game? Dynamite Deka is what.


Live stream from 8pm to 9pm went out earlier on. Why not pop on by to catch the recorded text chat and video?


A classic with a surprising amount of good ports. This week we look at Pang! on Battle of the Ports.
Note that the SFC / SNES version is Super Pang!, Not regular Pang! so it’s not featured on this video.


Ah, didn’t realize that Super Pang isn’t the same game. What is the difference?


Just different areas mostly.


I like when you cover a game like this with lots of levels. You can immediately see how much you enjoyed each port by how far into the game you get in the clips from each one. :slight_smile:


I’d play each one longer if I didn’t have to go to work :slight_smile:


The Saturn trial and beta VS the final




Is this what SNK should have released instead of the Neo Geo mini?


This week on Battle of the Ports is one of the very few wrestling games I actually like - Muscle Bomber from Capcom!


I never even heard of the FM Towns before. It looks really capable from this footage.


The FM Towns is by Fujitsu and a very power system. Far more powerful than the SFC, MD or any Western computer of the time. It’s not as powerful as the sharp X68000 though. I like to think of it as a baby X68000. I actually picked up a FM Towns last week.


Sega were always a company for coming up with crazy ideas. Baku Baku Animal is just one of them. This week on Battle Of The Ports.


This time we are taking a look at the second Pow Kiddy product known as the Q3. This is a Famicom / NES in the shape of a Game Boy but wait, this is better than the typical cheap clones out there.

Would you believe it. Sony go and publicise the all new PlayStation Mini Classics but forgot all about their PS4 console. … Oh, Wait… It’s not official, as if you couldn’t tell (^_^)

Another Atari classic on this Weeks’s Battle of the Ports.

I put up a new Life in Japan video the other day. This one features some lovely areas such as Kokura Castle plus a visit to a gamers’ bar and Taito Station.

Something that’s actually really nice for once.

Over the many years of making Retro Core there is one game title that is requested time and time again. that game is Tetris. Tetris would be a very trick show to produce due to the many clones and versions but one day I will get around to it. For now though please enjoy the excellent Tetris Plus.

Athena, one of the most talked about female Gods. Surly a game based upon her must be good. Right?

I’ve just reviewed an 8BitDo Arcade Joystick that’s compatible with the Switch. I had no idea 8BitDo even made a stick.

Pink elephants, women’s err… well let’s just say in japan culture is very different. Pr.Li.Ru.La on this week’s Battle of the Ports.

It’s time for another Chinese Knock Offs. This time we are looking at the PowKiddy N1. The board seems to be used for various devices.

Hi everyone,
I’m a little late this week due to the busy nature of this time of year but I got there in the end. Here is this week’s Battle of the Ports - The King Of Fighters '98.

Yes, It’s a Famicom Clone but one that’s well built. A great little gift for the kids I’d say.


Man I love KoF '98. Great battle of the ports video! I am a fan of all the even yeared KoF games. I don’t know what it was but 94,96,98, and 2000 were the ones I went for.


Personally I really like 97 & 98. They’re my favourite out of the whole series.


98 overall is probably my favorite, those are definitely good choices. I haven’t been able to get into the newer KoF releases.