The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


It’s funny that people requested Samurai Shodown 3 but not 4 or 2. Let’s take a look at why.


It’s strange that people don’t request the good(4) and great(2) ones but request one of the worst ones(3) in the series.


Yep, it is odd but I guess there is a reason. Maybe they just wanted to see the GB port?




They call it Metal Slug under the waves. It’s In The Hunt on this week’s Battle Of The Ports.


At first glance this looks to be some sort of Chrome Cast type device. That is until you realise you can’t broadcast a TV image through USB.


I’m really surprised its taken me this long to cover Last Bronx. An excellent 3D fighter from Sega.


Here we go with another very cheap console. I could actually find some amusement with this. It may not be great but at least it’s not a Famicom clone.


Fart Panda for Smash


Are you hungry! Yes? Then I guess it’s Burger Time!


Two new videos for you. First up is the latest Battle of the Ports

And I also have a new life in Japan video for you all to Enjoy.



Oh look, it’s the Sonic 1 bonus stages. Oh wait, no, it’s Cameltry.


We’ve taken a look at Chinese SNES looking NES consoles before on Retro Core’s Chinese Knock Offs however they normally have some issues.

This particular unit is actually good!


Such a weird name, but it does look very addictive!


Kind of related, I recently uploaded a video of the Switch MOD-X 10,000mAh battery case which I bought a few weeks back.

Surprisingly its not too bad.


I really want to grab In the Hunt. A friend brought the PS1 version over a few months back and we had a great time with it.

Oddly enough, it’s got a very weird aspect ratio where, on a normal CRT, part of the top or bottom of the gameplay is cut-off at all times. If you use the shoulder buttons, you can scroll the screen up or down to reveal the cut-off portions. I’m not sure if this was meant to be TATE in the arcades, or what the reason for this is. But the aspect ratio seems to be more vertical than a typical 4:3 presentation.

What we found out, however, is that if you play on a PVM and activate the PVM’s underscan feature, you can see the entire gameplay image without anything cut-off. This will give you borders on the sides of the screen but not on the top and bottom of the screen (if your PVM’s settings are calibrated well).

When played this way, it looks similar to a TATE game played on a non-rotated display, but I’m not sure if it matches the traditional 3:4 TATE aspect ratio. I’d need a copy of the game to measure for myself someday.


Ah, the PlayStation does have a strange aspect ration for this game. On my video I had to adjust it in post processing otherwise it would like like it was running in wide-screen. There are a few PSX games like this.


All you need to know is that this is awesome!