The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


Had no idea you did Battle of the Ports, by far one of my favorite retro YT series, nice work! Recently watched the comparison segment on Kyoukyouku Tiger. I have the PCE version which is a really solid port indeed.


According to a source withing Capcom US, Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter was developed for the sole reason that X-Men VS Street Fighter was too hectic. Sounds like a lame reason but whatever the reason was it resulted in an amazing 2D fighter from Capcom Japan. One of the best ever 2D fighters of that generation.


Lol, I have the Saturn version of that as well. Man I got lucky avoiding the PS1 versions.


I always thought that they made a sequel because the first one made so much money?


That’s most likely true. I beleive the Capcom US guy was talking out of his arse.


You sure did pick the right version to own, that’s for sure.


Probably the smallest Famicom system I’ve featured on the channel and surprisingly one that’s pretty good.


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A game that was classed as groundbreaking for it’s time - Starblade on this week’s Battle of the Ports


Wow! I had no idea a perfect port was hidden in Tekken 5. That’s cool!


Wow, what an impressive looking game for its time. I’ve never seen it before.

It totally outdid Star Fox on SNES years before it came out from a tech perspective.


That’s why I was so excited to go to the arcades as a kid, you had hardware that absolutely obliterated the home console’s performance. By the time Star Fox came out Sega were just about to release the Model 2 hardware, the gulf in performance and quality of the 3D visuals was astonishing.


Arcades were truly spectacular back then. Like seeing next gen years in advance every time you went.


60 FPS in 1991 damn Namco - I think Virtua Racing only hit 30 in 92.


It was 30fps too, from a MAME dev:

“Namco 3D games used low-resolution monitors in interlace mode (to get the 480i resolution) and are intentionally coded to run at 30fps to avoid interlace artefacts by keeping the objects in the same position for each field.”

Still remarkable performance for the first 3D arcade hardware though…


Okay, here we go with yet another Capcom VS game but it will be the last one I’ll be covering for the time being.
Will the PlayStation version be any good this time?


I was a huge fan of the Sega Saturn at the time but looking back, the arcades just became so minimized in this era. It just didn’t matter that the PlayStation ports were always shit because the average player didn’t care enough and the fans of the arcades were too few to help Saturn make a dent. N64 just eschewed the arcades altogether save Nintendo’s own games like Cruis’n and Killer Instinct and they had Mortal Kombat which was enough for the US market.

It didn’t help Saturn when Bernie Stolar got hired and plain kept out all the stuff that made Saturn unique in Japan. Only the arcade perfect porting alongside Sega’s in house development gave them a chance and they just left it all in Japan.

These were still some of the best years of gaming, but they could’ve been so much more than they were. I think we missed a chance at a true send off of the 2D pixel art era. We only got a small taste of it toward the end of the Dreamcast.


It’s interesting that Capcom saw fit to release SFA3 on Saturn, but not MvC1.


That is a very odd choice. Maybe Sega paid Capcom to keep it Dreamcast exclusive. At the time the Dreamcast needed a 2D fighter.


Now here is a very odd one. A console that claims to be 16bit and touch screen. Is it really? Let’s take a look.