The official Retro Core / Battle of the Ports thread


Marvel Vs Capcom on DC has a four-player mode, so maybe that had something to do with it?

I’m guessing MvC2 was already in development on Sega’s Naomi at the time, so it makes sense.


I wish the rumoured N64 port of this would’ve materialized.


A little early today guys as I’ll be away tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this show as it took forever to put together.


A series Capcom really need to bring back on this week’s Battle of the Ports.


Following up on the last Retro Core 5 show when we covered the MSX2, here comes a massive show covering a massive system, the Neo Geo!


@yakumo have you done an outrun episode? Also, do you plan on doing a PS2 vs XBOX shoot out for Outrun coast 2 coast. I wish I bought the PC version when it was on steam years ago.


A game that I loved back in the day but nobody else seed to. Aero Blasters by Kaneko.


One of Irem’s less popular shooters but still a classic that got a few ports at least. BOTP - Xmultiply.


Kinda late to the party but I found you episode with one of my favorite games: Road avenger.

Excellent episode, and I never heard about the SNES version.


Thanks to you I impulsed the Saturn version on eBay! Damn you! :guardsman:‍♂️


Nice! I actually had both the TG16 and Genesis versions back in the 16-bit era and played the arcade version, too. It’s hard to find fans.


Rip off a 70’s synth track and add in a penguin and what do you get? Pengo! On this week’s Battle of the Ports


As seen in the last “Life in Japan” video my phone wasn’t really up to making these video. I could use my DLSR but that’s rather large and very difficult to hide while filming (^o^). So I recently purchased a Mobius 2 action camera. Today I took it out with the family to see just how well it preformed. Personally I think it works rather well.


NeoSD Review - Something MVS owners should know about!

UPDATE - In this review I forget to mention that the NeoSD has a Jukebox function that is accessed by pressing start on the “Launch Current Game” option at the top of the menu screen. I have since updated my Neo Geo ROM set to include every game (Not including bootlegs and hacks) which brings the total memory size up to 4.5GB. Twice as what I stated in the video. Sorry about that.


Have you seen or compared any other MVS flash carts?



Load times are brutal for the big games! Still, you only have to load it up once. Thanks for taking the bullet buying one and putting together a quality video, though!


I know about one other which is said to have issues with many games. I’ve not tried it myself though.


One that you’ve all been asking for is finally here - BOTP Virtual On.


Unboxing, check it out with 240p, 480i and none VGA compatible games. We’ll also be doing a side by side comparison to RGB. Is it much better?


The At@games series of Mega Drive consoles are complete crap so what on earth is a Chinese knock off going to be like? Probably awful but how awful? And does it have any hidden features?